Subject:  How Pasta Can Increase Your RRSP Income 25-100%


While most investors have a basic grasp of the government's retirement savings programs, very few understand a fundamental concept about RRSPs that would increase their retirement income by 25-100%.

Fact: Most Canadians spend their RRSP refunds. The result is that they end up investing less than they start with, less than they intended, and less than they need to fund a secure retirement.

I have three goals to help you and your friends benefit in this area.

  1. Understand the 5 RRSP Refund Strategies, and which is best for you
  2. Upgrade your RRSP contribution strategy
  3. "Help a Friend"

"Talbot Stevens' new book, The Smart Debt Coach, uses the catchy concept of dry pasta to help you understand a better way to a comfortable retirement."

Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star personal finance and consumer columnist

Talbot Stevens offers this question to test one's knowledge of using RRSPs effectively.

RRSP Pasta Question

In a 50% tax bracket with $1,000 after taxes to invest, how much could you (and should you) contribute to your RRSP?

Like Talbot, I want every one of my clients to know this answer, and the answer for your individual tax situation.

After understanding the different RRSP Refund Strategies, I want to help you upgrade to the contribution strategy that is best for you. For many, this will increase their RRSP contributions, and resulting retirement income, by 25-100%, depending on their tax bracket.

Finally, I believe that valuable ideas should be shared with those we care about. I would also like to help you "Help a Friend" and share these ideas with others.

Next Steps

  1. Read this 6-page chapter of The Smart Debt Coach.
  2. Schedule a meeting to upgrade your RRSP contribution strategy.
  3. Think of others who could benefit.

I look forward to helping you, and your friends, increase RRSP contributions 25-100%.

To your financial success,

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