Leverage Marketing Package

Our marketing packages provide advisors with a collection of resources to better understand and market specific concepts.

Leverage Marketing Package

With this marketing package, you and your clients will benefit from dispelling the myths of leveraged investing, plus learn:

  • What is responsible leverage
  • How to Magnify Returns Like the Rich do
  • Leverage Risk Decreases Over Time
  • When a large "Catch-Up" RRSP loan makes sense - and when it doesn't
  • The Perfect Complement to RRSPs
  • When Leveraging Equity Funds Make Sense

It also includes a printed copy of:

  • 33-page Research Report for advisors on the technical aspects of leveraging
  • 5 "Napkin" Illustrations: simple, understandable ways to introduce leverage concepts in a few minutes using nothing more than a "pen and napkin"
  • a fill-in-the-blank educational worksheet
  • customized one-page Strategy Sheet articles for distribution
  • Emotional Acid Test to see if a client is ready to proceed and stick to the plan