Talbot Stevens is a financial author, speaker, and industry consultant. He specializes in the innovation and delivery of valuable financial strategies and behavioural solutions that benefit the financial industry and its clients.

NEW Book: The Smart Debt Coach

Talbot's new book The Smart Debt Coach: Secrets of the Rich to Increase Your Wealth and Security, is guaranteed to benefit at least $1,000, or your money back.

In today's finance-everything world, how you think about and use debt is foundational to your financial health. As the Smart Debt Coach, Talbot helps people apply the Smart Debt secrets used by the rich to increase wealth and security by:

  • Reducing bad debt
  • Increasing savings
  • Improving investment returns

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The Smart Debt Coach

Don't Put Dry Pasta in Your RRSP

One of the most poorly understood "can't lose" strategies is how Canadians can Gross Up their RRSP contributions by 25-85%. To learn why you should never put dry pasta in your RRSP, and use the free RRSP Gross Up calculator to determine how much you can benefit, click here.

Smart Debt Coach Workshops

Based on Talbot's new book 'The Smart Debt Coach', this session addresses important and timely challenges facing investors and their advisors: too much bad debt, low savings, and frustrating investment returns. Investors and advisors will learn ...

  • Can't-lose strategies to benefit the most risk averse
  • 'Don't put dry pasta in your RRSP' to Gross Up RRSP contributions 25 to 85%
  • How even cautious investors can outperform the market using two new commonsense strategies
  • How the Buy More Low strategy reduces risk, turbocharges returns, and creates a positive opportunity story during market drops